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Works / Companies:

The Royal Ballet 

La Sylphide

Les Lutins

Napoli (Divertissement)

The Bolshoi Ballet

La Sylphide

Les Lutins

The Royal New Zealand Ballet



Les Lutins

The Royal Danish Ballet 

Les Lutins


The National Ballet of Canada 

La Sylphide

San Francisco Ballet 

Les Lutins

Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Lucile (2024)

The Leonid Yacobson Ballet

Don Quixote

Polunin Ink

Romeo & Juliet

NBA Ballet Tokyo


Baltic State Opera Ballet


The Czech National Ballet

La Sylphide 

Wroclaw Opera Ballet

Napoli 1841 (2024)

Zurich Ballet

La Sylphide

Atlanta Ballet 

La Sylphide

Sarasota Ballet 


Napoli (Divertissement) 

La Sylphide 

Lithuanian National Ballet

La Sylphide

Kobayashi Ballet Tokyo 

La Sylphide

The Royal Swedish Ballet

Les Lutins (excerpt)

Opera National Bucharest

La Sylphide


Les Lutins

American Repertory Ballet 


North Carolina School of the Arts 


The White Crow - Feature film

(Ralph Fiennes)

Giselle - Feature film

(Toa Fraser)

Kobborg has deconstructed the work;
ixing up the narrative’s building blocks
before reassembling them in a
masterpiece of balance that remains
recognisably traditional but is also
refreshingly new.

Don Quixote - DanceTabs - UK 

This - Kobborg's Les Lutins - is one of the most riveting pieces of choreography you'll ever see.
BalletNews - UK

The mix of pure intelligence and pure enchantment driving his production should guarantee it a whole new audience.

La Sylphide - The Guardian - UK

The storytelling is masterful'..This is a century-and-a-half-old ballet presented in a way that feels as authentic as the day it was born. 
Giselle- The List UK

Johan Kobborg is one of the few stage directors in the world with taste and understanding of the classical ballet.

Don Quixote - Bolshoi Magazine - Moscow

Kobborg’s staging of La Sylphide is the best I know,
the most sensitive to Bournonville’s drama and manner.
The production is masterly.

Financial Times - UK

Kobborg thinks of dance as a wonderful
dancer and logical as the heir to 
the Danish school.

Don Quixote- - RG RU - Russia

This whole sequence showed Kobborg’s intuitive understanding of a ballet in which he had performed many times and his innovation at doing it differently and just as well, if not better. 

Romeo & Juliet - DanceTabs - UK


When he opened the ballet out, like a filmmaker adapting a stage play, it was either to emphasize a point or to provide more dancing opportunities for a corps that would otherwise be restive.


La Sylphide - - USA

Everything and more.

As the curtain closed, and tears welled up in my eyes, I felt like I had finally seen a fresh revisit of a classic.

Superbly coached, curated, and danced,

This Giselle is everything the original had and more.

The Ballet Herald USA

"In his stagings he does not shy away from modern solutions, but to a large extent he remains a promoter of the classics, which he successfully enlivens according to the requirements of the contemporary audience.

We witnessed it on a Saturday night, a magical and wonderful evening.


Wybrzeze24 - Poland

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