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Premiere - July 6th, 2024



A ballet in One Act

Ballet by Johan Kobborg
Music: Jules Massenet

Lighting: Joseph Walls
Costumes: Natalia Steward
Scenic design: Johan Kobborg
Orchestration: Gavin Sutherland
Libretto: Johan Kobborg

Ballet Nacional de Cuba 


 A tragic love story/A romantic spirit.

Imagination, dramaturgical cleanliness, narrative mettle, good taste in vocabulary.

Technique is subject to the demands of dramatic expression. It does not become hostage, but neither does it rule.

Kobborg is inspired by his compatriot Lucile Grahn (1819-1907)—which results in a tragic love story. It is a tribute to the ballet of romanticism—that summon of melancholic idealisations—which does not imply stylistic ties or temporal restraints.


Precision and essentiality of line; histrionic sobriety, elegance; sufficiency and restraint: this is what Kobborg asked of the dancers. It is striking that it is an Aristotelian ballet, conventionally narrated, but not like many of the nineteenth-century classics, in the sparkling way of Petipá. Here the performers are offered the possibility of delving into the dramatic projection in scenes that bring together a naturalistic vocation with the daydreams of a romantic spirit. It is an opportunity for artists. 
(Trabajadores - Cuba)

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